Maintaining Your Custom House The Right Way

You made it! After the grueling, albeit rewarding, process of building a brand new custom home, you can now proudly call yourself a homeowner! But you need to know that this doesn’t end here. You need to prioritize its maintenance even after your custom home [...]

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6 Tips On Getting Started With A Smart Home

Gone are the days where you had to do pretty much everything manually. From turning on the lights to checking who is at the door, several innovative technologies have now made the job super easy (and pretty cool!) Especially during the past year, we have [...]

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6 Custom Home Trends You Need To Watch Out For In 2021

Your home is a haven for you and your family, making it essential to create the perfect living environment. Whether you spend only a couple of hours in there or have been cooped up for weeks due to the pandemic, your home should provide safety [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide To Flipping Houses In New Jersey

In 2017, 6% of homes sold in New Jersey were flipped; this includes around 207,000 condos and single-family detached homes in total. The sales rate for flipped houses has been steadily increasing, making investors look into the activity as a possible investment opportunity. But flipping [...]

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Can A Smart Home Save You Money On Your Energy Bill?

Smart homes are leading the charge when it comes to automating your life, with intelligent devices taking care of all of the little things that used to take up so much time. But on top of saving you time, what if your smart home could [...]

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